Are you struggling to keep up with what’s happening in digital risk?

The volume of headlines has skyrocketed in recent years. Each day there’s seemingly another story detailing the latest cyber attack, revelations of a major data breach, or a proposed new standard or piece of legislation.

It’s great that such critical topics are getting more attention. But we’ve also heard from clients and business executives that they struggle to stay on top of what really matters. To help, we have started curating a regular roundup of news stories that we feel have the strongest relevance for business. Applying analysis from our broadly-skilled elevenM team, we also highlight what we feel are the key business risk implications and takeaways.

The aim of these roundups is to provide you with content that:

  • Helps you get a quick state-of-play of what’s happening in digital risk
  • Supports you in demonstrating your own knowledge and situational awareness to your fellow execs, and to continuously reinforce key trends and investment priorities
  • Can be used to engage and educate your staff on digital risk, by including the content in newsletters and updates

We hope this helps. Drop us a line at if you have any feedback.