We took the daunting first step away from our senior corporate roles because we believed there is a better way to deliver privacy and cyber security services. We  experienced situations where these disciplines were considered separate and lacked a cohesive strategy.

We started elevenM with a view of combining privacy and cyber security skills in a meaningful way. Our goal was to create a consultancy that helps clients monitor and protect their data throughout the entire data lifecycle. Allowing the client to build digital trust with their customers and ultimately drive competitive advantage.

The Leadership Team


Melanie Marks – Principal

A recognised figure in the privacy industry and current President of  iappANZ, Melanie has established and run privacy governance programs for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the National eHealth Transition Authority (now the Australian Digital Health Agency). She is also an Advisory Board member of Information Governance ANZ and an Expert Advisor to LexisNexis on privacy and data protection.  Her career spans 15 years in privacy compliance, risk management and strategy and related legal fields. Melanie is a thought leader on the importance of trust as a brand differentiator.


·   E-mail: Melanie Marks
·   LinkedIn: Melanie Marks


Arjun Ramachandran – Principal

Arjun specialises in providing strategic advice and communications expertise to help organisations build trust with their customers, boards and other key stakeholders. A media and communications specialist, Arjun worked as a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald and in senior media relations roles across government and the private sector before establishing the cyber outreach and advocacy program for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In this role Arjun helped to establish the bank as a cyber security thought leader and also led the bank’s cyber security strategy, incident response communications and security awareness programs.


·    E-mail: Arjun Ramachandran
·    LinkedIn: Arjun Ramachandran


Steve Glynn – Principal

Steve specialises in cyber security and technology risk and provides strategic advice to boards, committees, technology and security executives on how to build better cyber resilience, safely enable business growth and inspire customer confidence and trust. While recognising the importance of robust technology controls to mitigate cyber risks, Steve is a strong advocate for building robust security awareness and culture across organisations.

Previously, Steve was the Chief Information Security Officer for ANZ Bank where he was accountable for ensuring the bank was protected against rapidly evolving cyber threats across 34 markets globally. Prior to this, he held senior information security, technology risk and technology leadership roles at the Royal Bank of Scotland and ABN AMRO in Australia and Singapore.


·   E-mail: Steve Glynn
·   LinkedIn: Steve Glynn

FitzPatrick 2.jpg

Sheila FitzPatrick – Principal

Sheila is considered one of the world’s leading experts in data privacy laws and works closely with the US Government, Council of the European Union, country-specific data protection authorities in Europe, Asia/Pacific, and The Americas. She provides expertise and hands-on experience in the areas of global data protection compliance, data sovereignty, cybersecurity regulations and obligations, legal issues associated with cloud computing, big data and new technologies, data breach compliance and management, and records management. Sheila has been recognised by Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) around the world for her depth of comprehension and commitment to data protection laws.

Sheila holds strategic seats on several committees including the European Union Data Protection Advisory Council, the Asia Pacific Data Protection Framework Advisory Board and the Pacific Rim Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisory Group. Sheila was honoured as one of the Silicon Valley’s Women of Influence for 2017.


·    E-mail: Sheila FitzPatrick
·    LinkedIn: Sheila FitzPatrick


Tim de Sousa – Principal

Tim is a privacy and information governance legal and policy specialist, with a focus on emerging technologies. Tim has held senior roles with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s industry-leading Digital Trust and Privacy team, and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). While at the OAIC, Tim led the OAIC’s Open Government, Technology and Regulation team, including redeveloping and implementing the OAIC’s methodology for data breach enquiries and Commissioner-initiated investigations.

Tim is a Board Director of iappANZ. He also maintains a keen interest in open government and open data, including participating in and serving as an advisor for GovHack Sydney.


·    E-mail: Tim de Sousa
·    LinkedIn: Tim de Sousa


Alistair Macleod – Head of Product Development

With extensive experience in privacy, risk, IT law and software engineering, Alistair is uniquely qualified to understand how technology can be used to simplify and automate risk, information and business processes. Alistair has practiced law in the corporate and technology fields, and most recently held a senior advisory role at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, where he designed and implemented automated privacy tools and advised technology teams on privacy compliance and best practice.


·    E-mail: Alistair Macleod
·    LinkedIn: Alistair Macleod


Peter Quigley – Principal

Peter has been a cyber security practitioner for over 20 years and has provided cyber security and technology risk services to clients across Australia, the US and Europe. Prior to joining elevenM, Peter held the position of IT Security Assurance leader for PwC Australia. Peter currently holds strategic cyber advisory roles with several top ASX listed organisations.


·    E-mail: Peter Quigley
·    LinkedIn: Peter Quigley