This week in digital trust » Episode 104

#104 Rotten to the core? DOJ lines up Apple

19 April 2024

This week we break down the US Department of Justice’s suit against Apple, claiming the tech giant is engaging in unlawful behaviour.

In particular we examine the DOJ’s charge that Apple has long justified anti-competitive behaviour on the basis of claims about better privacy and security.

The suit raises interesting questions about the the tradeoffs between privacy and competition, and the best way to regulate tech platforms.

DOJ filing ⁠⁠
Article summarising the DOJ’s suit (The Verge) ⁠⁠
Article about the security benefits of Apple’s approach (The Verge) ⁠⁠
Article about “green bubble stigma” (NPR) ⁠⁠
Strategy Credit (Stratechery) ⁠⁠
Article about Apple telling Jon Stewart not to interview Lina Khan (Guardian) ⁠

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