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#108 Take it down! Australia’s eSafety Commissioner takes on X

30 May 2024

This week, Jordan is joined by elevenM colleague Jonathan Gadir to break down the stoush between Elon Musk and Australia’s eSafety Commissioner.

In recent weeks, Musk and his platform X have resisted calls to globally remove content related to a stabbing event in Sydney in April. The standoff has opened up a conversation about the merits of regulating so-called harmful online content, and the extent to which doing so impinges on free speech.

Jordan and Jonathan debate the merits of the eSafety Commissioner’s actions and its powers, the feasibility of the global takedown requests, and the potential future consequences of these orders.
Article about Federal Court rejecting call to extend blocking injunction ⁠ ⁠
Media Watch piece ⁠⁠
Online Safety Act ⁠⁠
Key elements of Online Safety Act ⁠⁠

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