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#111 Chandni Gupta on dark patterns and the need for safer digital products

3 July 2024

This week we’re in conversation with Chandni Gupta, Deputy CEO and Digital Policy Director of the Consumer Policy Research Centre (see below for her full bio). The CPRC is Australia’s only dedicated consumer policy think tank.

Our conversation with Chandi explores how the concept of product safety applies to digital products, and the ways in which the constant push towards more frictionless online interactions is potentially undermining safe and fair consumer outcomes. And why “more consumer education” is not necessarily the answer.

We also get into Chandni’s research into “dark patterns” or online deceptive design, for which she has recently received a Churchill Fellowship.

*** Chandni Gupta full bio ***

Chandni Gupta is the Deputy CEO and Digital Policy Director of Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) – Australia’s only dedicated consumer policy think tank. Chandni leads CPRC’s research and policy program, while also leading CPRC’s research stream on protecting consumers in a digital world. Her work to date includes exploring the consumer shift from the analogue towards the digital economy, the impact of deceptive and manipulative online design, prevalence of greenwashing on social media and the key gaps that currently exist in Australia’s consumer protections. She also recently received a Churchill Fellowship following her research and policy work on dark patterns.

Prior to CPRC, Chandni has worked in state and federal agencies, including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and has worked internationally both at the United Nations and the OECD.

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