Our client for this engagement is a market leading Australian brand and one who prides themselves as being on the forefront of digital innovation.


Cyber incidents are unfortunately a part of everyday life for most large organisations. The difference in impact however, from a well managed incident against a poorly managed incident is usually significant.

Our role 

elevenM was asked to develop a program which continuously tested our client’s cyber defence capability against “commodity” and “exotic” cyber incidents. The objective of the program being to develop extreme event preparedness among the key stakeholders associated with the client’s cyber threats.

The specifics

elevenM developed a program which:

  • Set out a monthly program of threat simulations that tested the known and emerging threats facing the client
  • Developed simulations which focused on understanding the mechanics of communication and interaction required among the key stakeholder’s and their understanding of both the threat and their role in the response activities
  • Developed monthly deliverables outlining lessons-learned
  • Created a model for continuous improvement to lift the client’s cyber defence capability