elevenM works exclusively with a network of people who share similar values and a passion for life.  At times this may not drive growth and revenue in the fastest way, but we have found that putting people first creates an atmosphere and client experience that we are proud of and which our clients respect.

To support this, we maintain a constant lookout for top talent within the privacy and cyber security industries. Were we can, we then work with these consultants or businesses to deliver the best possible outcomes to our clients.

Sometimes however, the people we meet are not yet consultants. It is to these individuals that we strongly advocate creating a business and taking control. It has been a life changing move for us and the people we work with and we think this is a path worth sharing.

How we can help

We can help you take those first steps to establish yourself as a cyber security or privacy consultant.  We will leverage our client network to find you work that fits your speciality. Working with elevenM will give you access to our intellectual property, our brand and our network during any elevenM client engagement.