9 February 2021

Start the chat

Spoken language evolved in humans approximately 50 000 years ago, and there are now more than 6000 languages in existence, across three major language groupsSadly for teenagers, m8 sup wht u up 2 on wknd’ is not one of them…  

Safer Internet Day is an annual global awareness campaign, and this year on 9 February the eSafety Commissioner is encouraging all Australians to ‘start the chat’ about online safety.  

For elevenM, this means checking in with all our employees, to make sure they have all the right security tools to hand and the knowledge to deal with any security concern they may have. Recentlywe’ve been refining our multifactor authentication systems, and talking about password management systems. We’ve also been sharing any suspect scams or phishing emails via our team chat. 

But we’re also all people with friends, family, children, and it’s equally important that we take the time to chat with those around us about online safety. For those of us with young children, it might mean chatting to our kids about not talking to strangers in games or sharing personal information online; for those of us with parents or grandparents old enough to remember the pre-internet scam days, it might mean having a chat about how that message or email that says everything is going to be disconnected is just a phish. And for those of us with teenagers, it might even mean subjecting ourselves to a conversation conducted entirely in consonants.   

Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels