Cyber security training helps you educate and empower your employees to identify and defend against cyber security risks.

An aware and educated workforce is a critical foundation for a secure organisation.

Human error is one of key factors behind cyber incidents and data breaches.

Organiations today are expected  by regulators and the broader public to have educated their people about the importance of cyber security and secure practices.

What are Cyber Security Training services?

Cyber Security training helps people understand cyber security risks and empowers them to enact good security practices and use security tools and processes effectively.

Cyber security training solutions can be delivered online as e-learning, or face-to-face (in-person or via online means). We also deliver train-the-trainer sessions, giving you the skills and knowledge to educate your organisation.

Cyber Security Training services are relevant for the entire organisation. This includes front-line teams, boards and executives and technical teams such as systems administrators or engineering teams. Training can be introductory level or more advanced, depending on the needs of your organisation.

Cyber Security Training is a core requirement for meeting compliance with several widely used security standards and regulatory frameworks.

What are the benefits?

Reduce the likelihood of a security incident or breach

Enhance the security knowledge of your people

Increase engagement of your people on security

Meet compliance or regulatory requirements


elevenM works with you to ensure your secuirty training education needs are met in a way that best suits your organisations.

Whether you need introductory or more advanced security training, we craft educational content to suit the needs of each learning audience.

Our cyber security training solutions can be deployed as online or elearning modules, or in face-to-face formats (in-person or online).

All our training draws on our subject matter expertise and rich experience working with frontline teams on security challenges. We combine this deep knowledge with world-class communications and training capabilities to ensures that security concepts are relayed in simple but highly engaging ways.

We regularly ensure our educational content remains up-to-date and in-step with the latest threats and changes in the domestic and international regulatory environments.

Frequently asked questions

We tailor all learning solutions to the needs of the audience. Our online courses for all employees typically cover the role employees play in their organisation’s cyber security, the threats arising via email, the web and user devices, and the importance of secure passwords and workplace security practices.

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We work with every organisation individually to tailor our work to your needs.