A business-aligned privacy strategy will help you gain the support of senior executives for your privacy program and motivate your people to work towards key priorities.

Setting up a privacy program for success requires a clear vision, as well as the endorsement of senior executives.

Achieving success in privacy is a whole-of-organisation effort.

A business-aligned privacy strategy not only provides your  organisation with a rallying cry for why privacy is important, but also makes it accessible for executives, technical and frontline teams.

What is a Privacy Strategy?

A Privacy Strategy from elevenM holistically lays out how your privacy program will support broader business goals, how it will motivate and educate your people about privacy, how it anticipates emerging trends and how it considers different privacy requirements of international jurisdictions (and more).

You’ll receive a compelling story that sets the direction for your privacy program, and clearly demonstrates the benefits it will bring and the resources and investments needed for it to succeed.

What are the benefits?

Gain the endorsement of senior leadership for your privacy program

Have a clear and motivating vision for privacy for your whole organisation

Align your privacy program to the strategic needs and priorities of the business

Embrace privacy as a business enabler, rather than simply a compliance requirement


elevenM has extensive experience developing privacy strategies for organisations across many industries. We work with you to understand your organisation’s strategic priorities and mission and align your privacy aspirations to this broader cause.

Using a principles-based approach, we set a direction for your strategy that considers your needs and circumstances, operational and organisational capability, risk profile and aspirations.

Drawing on our in-depth expertise, we develop an engaging and comprehensive strategy consistent with these principles and objectives.

You’ll receive a high-quality strategy document that is suitable for executives, which can also be supported by presentations and other visual artefacts.

Frequently asked questions

A Privacy Strategy should be developed every 2-3 years, particularly given the fast-moving privacy landscape.

A Privacy Strategy can be used to educate your executives and board about your privacy plans and gain their endorsement for future investment. The strategy can be the gate-opener for a range of strategic conversations about privacy across the business.

The strategy will typically also provide a high-level roadmap for your program for up to three years.

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