Executive Cyber Communications

An effective executive cyber communications program helps you build improved understanding and recognition of your cyber security program with business stakeholders.

Buy-in from the business, particularly senior executives, is a critical enabler of a successful cyber security program.

Communicating about the importance of cyber security in strategic business terms is a specialist skillset. 

Enhanced communication also supports organisation-wide cyber resilience by helping stakeholders across the business better understand their cyber security risks and responsibilities.

What are Executive Cyber Communications services?

Executive Cyber Communications combines high-end strategic communications skills with in-depth knowledge and experience of cyber security and cyber risk management, particularly in a corporate context.

It involves helping you communicate about cyber security to senior business stakeholders including board directors, the C-suite, and other senior leaders across the business.

Executive Cyber Communications services encompass board and executive reporting,  business-focused security briefings and strategies and executive training and awareness sessions.

Our Executive Cyber Communications services help you shift from a tactical and reactive approach to executive communications to a strategic and proactive cadence, so you can tell the security story you wish to tell. 

What are the benefits?

Build trust with your key stakeholders

Improve organisation-wide understanding of cyber security

Raise the profile of your programs and teams

Secure funding and buy-in


elevenM will work with you  enhance and uplift your communications and engagement with senior stakeholders and boards.

We combine strategic communications skills with in-depth cyber security knowledge and have specific experience communicating about cyber security in strategic, business language that best resonates with boards and executives.

We recognise the fluid and responsive nature of a great deal of cyber security reporting and communications, and aim to support you with flexible arrangements that allow you to draw on our skills and resources as and when needed.

Frequently asked questions

Shareholders, boards, and senior managers understand that cyber breaches represent a serious risk to their organisation. 

Faced with the prospect of heavy financial losses, reputational damage, lawsuits and fines from regulators, executives need greater visibility over their cyber security program to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and mitigates the risks the organisation is most likely to face.


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