An aware and educated workforce is a critical foundation for good privacy practices. Poor levels of privacy awareness undermine your ability to comply with regulations and increase the risk of a privacy breach.

Public expectations around privacy are higher than ever, alongside stringent regulatory penalties and the risk of serious reputational damage for privacy breaches.

Human error is one of the key factors behind data breaches. That’s why every organisation should invest in privacy education and training.

Privacy training helps organisations be compliant and offers a high return on investment, by helping your people understand privacy risk and empowering them to act in accordance with good privacy practices. They will also be able to use privacy tools and processes effectively.

What are Privacy Training services?

elevenM’s privacy training solutions can be delivered online as e-learning, or face-to-face (in-person or via online means). We also deliver train-the-trainer sessions, giving you the skills and knowledge to educate your organisation.

We can also develop customised privacy training solutions that are tailored to your specific business requirements. 

Privacy education and training is relevant for the entire organisation. This includes front-line teams, boards and executives, data specialists and even privacy teams themselves. Training can be introductory level or more advanced, depending on the needs of your organisation.

What are the benefits?

Reduce the likelihood of privacy breaches

Enhance the privacy knowledge of staff, including specialist teams

Enhance the knowledge of your privacy teams.

Ensure your staff know how to follow a best-practice privacy framework


elevenM will work with you to ensure your privacy education needs are met in a way that best suits your organisation.

Whether you need introductory or more advanced privacy training, we craft educational content to suit the needs of each learning audience.

All our training draws on our subject matter expertise and rich experience working with frontline teams on privacy challenges. We combine this deep knowledge with world-class communications and training capabilities to ensure that privacy concepts are relayed in simple but highly engaging ways.

We have provided training solutions – be-it elearning or in-person/online training – to leading organisations across several industries and we understand what works best.

We keep all our educational content up-to-date and in step with changes in the domestic and international regulatory environments.

Frequently asked questions

Protecting privacy requires a whole-of-organisation approach. 

All staff who collect, handle or store personal information need an understanding of privacy, so they know how to safeguard that information in an appropriate manner. 

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We work with every organisation individually to tailor our work to your needs.