With a business-aligned cyber security strategy, you will gain the support of senior executives for your cyber security program and motivate your people to work towards key priorities.

Setting up a cyber security program for success requires having a clear vision that motivates teams and earns endorsement from senior executives.

Achieving success in cyber security is a whole-of-organisation effort.

A business-aligned cyber security strategy not only provides organisations with a rallying cry for why cyber security is important, but also makes it accessible for executives, technical and frontline teams.

What are Cyber Security Strategy services?

A Cyber Security Strategy from elevenM holistically lays out how your cyber security program will support and enable business goals, meet the challenges of the evolving cyber threat landscape and how it will motivate and educate your people about cyber security and the role they play.

You’ll receive a compelling vision and narrative that sets the direction for your cyber security program and demonstrates the benefits it will bring and the resources and investments needed for success.

Your Cyber Security Strategy will also outline how you align to Australian and international standards and regulatory obligations, as appropriate for your organisation.

What are the benefits?

Gain endorsement of senior leadership for your cyber security program

Align your cyber security program to the strategic needs and priorities of the business

Motivate your people to play a part in your cyber security mission

Lay the groundwork for a future-focused cyber security program


elevenM has extensive experience developing security strategies for organisations across many industries. We work with you to understand your organisation’s strategic priorities and mission and align your security aspirations to this broader cause.

Understand your business

Dive deep into the broader purpose and mission statement of your business, including understanding your industry context, operational and organisational capability, challenges and threats, risk profile and aspirations.

Analyse cyber threats and trends

Drawing on threat intelligence, we form a view of your key cyber threats to ensure any strategies and future plans anticipate current and emerging challenges.

Establish core principles

Develop a set of key principles that provide strategic direction for your strategy, are future-proofed and are relatable for all audiences in your organisation.

Draft, publish and socialise the strategy

Our cyber security, strategic and communications experts work together to draft an engaging and comprehensive strategy, seeking input from your key stakeholders.

Publish and promote

We deliver you a professionally laid-out strategy document suitable for executives. Also supported by presentations and other visual artefacts to promote widely.

Frequently asked questions

A Cyber Security Strategy should be developed every 2-3 years, particularly given the fast-moving cyber threat landscape.

A Cyber Security Strategy can be used to educate your executives and board about your cyber security plans and gain their endorsement for future investment. The strategy can be the gate-opener for a range of strategic conversations about cyber security across the business.

The strategy will typically also provide a high-level roadmap for your program for up to three years.

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