Cyber Crisis Communications

Effective cyber crisis communications help you limit reputational damage in the event of a cyber security or privacy incident.

Reputational damage is one of, if not the, most harmful impacts of a cyber security incident for organisations.

The cyber threat landscape is such that it’s a matter if, not when, an organisation is targeted by cyber criminals.

A poorly handled communications response can exacerbate the negative consequences for both organisations (reputational damage, loss of revenue, regulatory penalties) and customers (fraud, identity theft, impacts to wellbeing).

What are Cyber Crisis Communications services?

Cyber Crisis Communications services involve developing plans and strategies for organisations to effectively manage their public responses to a cyber incident.

Organisations that competently manage their communications with the media, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders following a cyber incident can limit reputational damage.

Cyber Crisis Communications services involve developing plans and playbooks that communications teams can use to guide their responses in the event of an incident.

As well as planning, our Cyber Crisis Communications services also include strategic advice and support during an incident, as well as education sessions and workshops for executive and communications teams.

elevenM’s Cyber Crisis Communications services draw on our deep experiences across both public relations and cyber security, an uncommon blend but one that is necessary to managing the distinct challenges of a cyber security incident.

What are the benefits?

Protect your reputation following a cyber incident

Maintain the confidence of customers, shareholders and other stakeholders

Limit financial costs from class actions or regulatory penalties

Support quicker recovery from a cyber incident


elevenM will work with you to ensure your Crisis Communications plans are aligned with your organisation’s specific risk profile.

We help identify the likely cyber crisis scenarios your organisation will face, and develop communications considerations and messaging for each scenario.

Our approach is to uplift the knowledge and capability of communications teams to exercise their judgement and expertise, by enhancing their understanding of cyber incidents and providing practical artefacts to effectively prepare and manage responses.

We also work to strengthen operational relationships between communication and cyber security teams, based on our experience working across both domains.

Frequently asked questions

A cyber crisis poses a unique range of challenges that differ from other types of crises. Notably, there is a strong likelihood of information asymmetry, where people external to your organisation have access to information before you do. This makes controlling the narrative particularly challenging.  

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