Advanced Privacy Training

Faced with a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, privacy teams need advanced training to ensure your organisation maintains ongoing compliance with both Australian and international privacy regimes.

Privacy challenges are becoming ever more complex, as regulations evolve rapidly and uses of data become more sophisticated and complex.

Privacy teams, even those that are well established, face challenges staying abreast a fast-moving international regulatory landscape. This is particularly true as extraterritoriality obligations increasingly take hold, placing more obligations on globally-focused businesses.

The ability to maintain continuous compliance with evolving privacy regimes requires privacy teams to maintain an ongoing and advanced training schedule.

What are Advanced Privacy Training services?

elevenM’s Advanced Privacy Training services provide your privacy teams with customised training to upskill their knowledge and understanding of the fast-moving privacy domain.

Our training is delivered by our large team of privacy experts, and can cover a range of relevant topics including international regulatory developments, technology trends, and evolving social and public policy expectations.

Our training helps expand your team’s foundational knowledge, as well as providing practical and pragmatic guidance on how to promote successful privacy outcomes across your business among varying teams and stakeholders.

Our Advanced Privacy Training can also be appropriate for data and technical teams who require an understanding of privacy concepts that goes beyond fundamental privacy awareness.

Training can be delivered remotely, face-to-face or via online modules.

What are the benefits?

Maintain compliance as privacy regulations evolve

Upskill your privacy teams

Keep your privacy programs in step with technology trends and customer expectations

Support teams who need to understand more advanced privacy concepts


elevenM will work with you to ensure your privacy team achieves a deep understanding of the complex privacy risks and challenges your organisation is likely to face.

We embrace a customised approach to suit your specific requirements.

All our training draws on our subject matter expertise and rich experience working with frontline teams on privacy challenges. We combine this deep knowledge with world-class communications and training capabilities to ensures that privacy concepts are relayed in simple but highly engaging ways.

We keep all our educational content up-to-date and in step with changes in the domestic and international regulatory environments.

Frequently asked questions

Advanced Privacy Training is designed for those with a pre-existing understanding of privacy, who find themselves in need of deeper knowledge to handle more complex privacy challenges. This typically includes privacy teams but can also include those who handle data more intensively such as analytics or digital marketing teams.

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