AI Governance

Confidently experience the benefits of AI and emerging technologies by proactively identifying and managing the associated risks.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies are taking the business world by storm. But making the most of these technologies requires a structured and rigorous approach to understanding and mitigating their risks.

AI Risk Assessment

Are you unsure about the risks posed by a promising new AI technology or initiative?

Our AI Risk Assessment service is a structured, scalable assessment process to identify and manage AI risks.

AI Governance Framework

Do you have a consistent and coordinated approach to managing AI risks across your organisation?

Our governance frameworks span strategy and direction for AI governance through to establishing processes, forums and templates to execute effective AI governance.

Data Ethics and Bias Assessments

Do you want to take advantage of emerging technologies such as AI, but need to ensure that you manage risks related to ethics and unintentional bias?

A Data Ethics and Bias Assessments helps you identify, understand and reduce the ethical risks and impacts arising from the use of different data types and algorithmic models (such as AI and machine learning)

Why partner with elevenM?

When it comes to managing cyber security, privacy and data risks, your people play a critical role.

Investing in awareness and training is one of the best investments you can make. It can significantly reduce the risk of a breach while also helping your stakeholders understand their role in helping you achieve cyber security and privacy objectives for your organisation.

With elevenM’s awareness and training solutions, you can ensure your people have the understanding and skills they need to safeguard your organisation’s data and the privacy of individuals whose information you hold.

Our solutions can be tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation. Whether you’re looking for education on fundamental concepts, or something more advanced for your privacy or cyber specialists, we have an engaging education solution for you.