Breach Response

Thoughtful planning and an effective response is critical to containing the fallout of a privacy breach, which can otherwise include serious financial, regulatory and reputational consequences.

A privacy breach can have serious and long-term repercussions for your organisation, including regulatory penalties, financial loss, reputation damage and – most critically – erode the trust of your customers.

These impacts can be severely exacerbated without a planned and coordinated response process that can be activated in the event of a potential breach. Privacy breach response services help you put in place the plans, processes and checklists that give your organisation confidence in knowing what to do if a breach occurs.

These services also provide you with expert guidance in a range of key areas including mandatory data breach notification and other regulatory requirements, harm assessment and remediation activities, and internal and external communications.

What are Privacy Breach Response services?

elevenM will help you develop and execute a privacy breach response plan that meets your organisation’s needs. 

With readiness and response processes in place, your organisation is more likely to contain the fallout of a breach and be able to rapidly resume business operations.

What are the benefits?

Limit the harm to impacted individuals

Contain the financial and reputational costs for your organisation

Give your executive confidence that you have effective plans in place to rapidly respond to a privacy breach

Meet notification and other regulatory requirements


elevenM will work with you to tailor privacy breach response solutions to your organisation’s circumstances and operations. We have extensive experience helping a variety of organisations across different industries both prepare for and respond to privacy breaches.

Our approach is guided by our deep understanding of both privacy regulations in Australia and internationally, and the steps necessary to assess, contain, remediate and communicate the harm associated with data breaches.

We bring a pragmatic and measured approach that is optimised for the maturity and capability of your internal teams. We draw on a rich repository of resources and artefacts that drive consistency and alignment to best practice.

We also work closely with technology partners that assist organisations to automatically map and understand where personal information sits in their organisation, and more rapidly assess what information is affected in an incident and the relevant associated regulatory obligations.

At elevenM, we can support organisations both in preparing for a potential privacy breach, as well as providing advice when a privacy breach occurs.

Frequently asked questions

Organisations face a range of regulatory notification requirements following a privacy breach. With proper preparedness and planning, you can ensure your response aligns with your legal obligations and minimises the potential harm to customers and other stakeholders.

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