Information and Records Management

Information and records management processes help you maximise the value of your information assets while ensuring you meet compliance requirements.

A strategic approach to managing your information and records ensures valuable information is ready and accessible when your business needs it.

Organisations today handle growing volumes of data, with more accumulating each day.

Managing these large troves of information requires strategic planning, careful organisation and expertise in records management practices.

What are Information and Records Management services?

Information and Records Management involves developing a considered and systematic approach for how your organisation creates, stores, preserves and disposes of its records and information.

This allows you to maximise the value you can gain from your information assets, by making it easier and more efficient to access the information and records you need, when you need it.

Information and Records Management also minimises risks, through security measures to protect important records and procedures to dispose records you no longer require.

Information and Records Management encompasses developing strategies, policies and procedures, conducting audits and designing and supporting the implementation of technology solutions to enable more efficient information and records management.

What are the benefits?

Gain maximum value from your information assets

Comply with data retention and archiving requirements

Reduce security risks such as data breaches and unauthorised access

Save money through reduced costs of storage and management


elevenM will work with you to ensure your approach to Information and Records Management is appropriate for your organisation’s specific circumstances.

Our typical approach involves conducting a review of your organisation’s current information and records management practices, procedures and systems. This allows us to identify any risks, gaps and areas for improvement.

We would then outline recommendations and a roadmap for the uplift of your information and records management practices. We also support the delivery of training and guidance to upskill your teams.

Frequently asked questions

All types of information and records are relevant to be covered by an Information and Records Management strategy, but particularly those that are important for the operation of your business and require retention for leagal purposes. This includes both digital and physical records.

This depends on the type of record or information and is informed by legal requirements and business needs.

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