Maturity Assessments

A cyber security maturity assessment helps you understand how prepared your organisation is to manage its cyber security risks and identifies areas for improvement.

Effectively managing cyber security risks requires having mature capabilities across a range of people, process and technical capabilities

Organisations today face unprecedented scrutiny from customers, regulators and other stakeholders in relation to cyber security.

An objective assessment of your cyber maturity provides the foundation for a better understanding of your cyber posture and of the investments needed to ensure your program is fit for purpose.

What is a Cyber Security Maturity Assessment?

A Cyber Security Maturity Assessment is a holistic evaluation of your cyber posture and your preparedness to defend against cyber threats.

It can help you understand areas where your organisation is vulnerable to cyber threats and outlines recommendations to uplift and strengthen those areas.

A Cyber Security Maturity Assessment should take a broad perspective by evaluating your cyber security capabilities across people, processes and technology.

Maturity assessments can also help you understand if you comply with industry regulations and standards.

A Cyber Security Maturity Assessment is usually carried out by independent cyber security experts that both have experience with cyber maturity frameworks and know how to ask the right questions and elicit the right information so that a rigorous assessment can take place.

What are the benefits?

Understand your vulnerability to cyber threats and identify opportunities for improvement

Comply with industry regulations and standards

Earn trust of executives by providing them a clearer picture of your cyber posture

Minimise the risk of costly repercussions of a cyber incident


We bring a proven approach that draws on our deep expertise in cyber security and leverages best-practice frameworks. We also tailor our process to account the specific needs of your organisation and industry.  Below is our 

Set the scope

What you want to assess, what types of issues you would like covered and how you would like our findings to be reported to you.

Gather information

Starting with a kick-off meeting, we begin consulting with stakeholders to collect all of the information that we need for the assessment.

Threat and capability analysis

Assess your current cyber threat environment and key risks related to cyber security. Gather information about your capabilities across people, process and technologies.


Assess cyber capability and maturity using industry-best practice frameworks (eg. NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO27001, CIS Critical Security Controls)

Report and action plan

Conduct gap analysis and report on assessment, including outlining a proposed uplift program to achieve desired maturity state.

Frequently asked questions

Cyber security maturity assessments should be conducted periodically, particularly given the fast-moving cyber threat landscape. Regular assessments help you ensure your defences are in line with current threats and that your program is fit for purpose.

Each assessment can vary based on the organisation and its needs. Typically a cyber security maturity assessment is conducted by independent experts. At a high-level, the process usually involves information gathering, analysis, assessment against best-practice frameworks, and a detailed report.

Common examples of frameworks include the US National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) and International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) 27001 standard.

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