Privacy Advisory

A trusted privacy advisor gives you access to the expertise you need, when you need it.

Privacy challenges are varied and rapidly evolving, with increasingly onerous regulatory requirements.

Organisations need to be able to respond to these challenges in a flexible and timely way as their internal and external circumstances change.

With expert external advice, your organisation can ensure it has the guidance needed to contend with a host of complex privacy challenges.  

What are Privacy Advisory services?

Privacy Advisory services provide you with the expert guidance you need across a wide range of privacy domains.

Our consultants take the time to understand your unique privacy challenges. We can deliver general strategic guidance, expert advice for specific initiatives, or short and long-term operational support to augment your own internal capabilities – all tailored to your specific circumstances.

We bring a pragmatic approach that draws on our decades of experience across multiple industries and jurisdictions, to provide you with trustworthy advice that is fit-for-purpose.

What are the benefits?

Access expert privacy guidance that meets your specific needs

Augment your internal privacy capabilities

Tap into decades of experience across multiple industries and jurisdictions

Be prepared for a rapidly evolving privacy regulatory landscape


elevenM works with you to understand the key outcomes you wish to achieve, and the resulting privacy implications and needs you have.

We tailor our offering to meet your unique circumstances – whether that’s strategic privacy advice relating to a discrete challenge or the placement of one of our expert advisors within your team.

Frequently asked questions

We support organisations with advisory services in line with their specific needs. This might entail providing a discrete piece of advice related to a specific privacy project, or involve a longer engagement where we augment your internal privacy capabilities over a period of time.

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We work with every organisation individually to tailor our work to your needs.