Cyber Security

Protect your data and systems from cyber threats with elevenM Cyber Security Consulting services.

Digital technologies are critical for business success but their use brings exposure to new risks, as malicious actors target systems and data. Proactively mitigate your cyber security risks and build your resilience to current and emerging cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

How secure are your systems against a cyber attack?

Penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities in your systems, before they can be exploited by malicious actors. This ensures you have the ability to remediate the vulnerabilities, and always remain one step ahead of the hackers.

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

Are you confident in your organisation’s readiness to manage its cyber security risks?

With an independent maturity assessment, you’ll gain an understanding of your current cyber security posture, identify key weaknesses, and pinpoint areas of improvement to lift your cyber maturity.

Cyber Security Advisory

Would you benefit from the guidance of an experienced cyber security advisor?

Our consultants deliver expert advice and operational support for your organisation’s unique cyber security challenges. We can also support your teams through short and long-term secondments in specific areas of need.

Cyber Security Strategy

Do you have a vision for cyber security that is well understood by your business, and which drives executive buy-in and funding? 

Cyber security is a priority for business leaders and boards. A comprehensive cyber security strategy that is aligned to your organisation’s broader priorities will engender confidence and set the direction for program success.  

Cyber Security Managed Services

Are you in need of technical cyber security expertise?

With managed services, our team of experts delivers end-to-end outcomes across a range of security needs including vulnerability management, incident response, threat simulations and more.

Third-Party Cyber Security Risk

Are you concerned about the risks posed by insecure third parties?

Security weaknesses in your digital supply chain can leave your organisation vulnerable to breaches. Understand the risks associated with your suppliers and other third-party threats and build a plan to mitigate them.

Cyber Security Training

Is your team’s lack of security awareness leaving you vulnerable to attack?

Human error is a key factor in most cyber-attacks. Protect your organisation by instilling a culture of security and teaching your people to identify and protect themselves from security risks.

Why partner with elevenM?

Cyber security has never been more critical for Australian organisations.

With a rapidly evolving threat landscape, organisations are faced with unprecedented challenges when it comes to securing their information assets and associated ICT systems.

Cyber resilience is now a necessary precondition for every successful organisation.

elevenM brings together a leading team of cyber security experts with deep domain expertise across all aspects of cyber risk mitigation. We approach every engagement from the perspective that you have unique cyber security objectives, requiring tailor-made solutions.

That’s what sets us apart.