Privacy and Cyber Communications

Build trust in your privacy and cyber security programs with elevenM's communications services.

The success of any privacy and cyber security program is dependent on the awareness and successful engagement of key stakeholders, including boards, frontline staff, customers and the media.

Cyber Crisis Communications

Are you worried about severe reputational damage resulting from a privacy or cyber incident? 

A poorly handled communications response can exacerbate the negative consequences of a privacy or cyber incident. Plans and playbooks developed by cyber crisis communications experts can help you limit the public fallout from an incident. 

Customer-Centric Privacy Communications

Are your privacy communications easy to understand and helping you build trust with customers? 

As privacy expectations rise, organisations are looking to go beyond legal compliance in their communication with customers. Ensure that all your privacy communications are easy to understand and tailored to the purposes for which they are required.

Cyber Security and Privacy Brand Uplift

Could your brand benefit by leveraging your commitment to cyber security and privacy? 

Brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to cyber security and privacy are more likely to earn the trust and loyalty of customers. Ensure your commitments are reflected in your branding efforts.

Executive Cyber Communications

Are your senior stakeholders engaged and “bought in” to your cyber security program? 

The success of any cyber security program is dependent on the support and understanding of your senior stakeholders, including your board and executive teams. Engaging this audience, and communicating the importance of cyber security in strategic business terms, is a specialist skillset.

Why partner with elevenM?

Effective cyber communications have never been more important.

Organisations that effectively communicate their commitment to cyber security, and the initiatives they are engaged in, are more likely to earn public trust, especially within the context of a cyber incident.

Organisations must also communicate cyber messages internally, to engage both senior leadership and staff.

elevenM’s team of cyber communications experts combine a deep understanding of cyber security issues, with effective messaging strategies.

That’s what sets us apart.