Information and Data Risk Profile

Do you want to identify the risks and missed opportunities your business faces by mismanaging information and data?

Articulating information and data risks to business stakeholders can be a challenge. A risk profile provides a standardised set of risks and controls to assist your business teams speak the same language.

Businesses run on information and data, but quantifying information and data risks can be a challenge.

Having a centralised inventory provides a standardised vocabulary for your business to articulate information and data risks and identify business-standard controls.

What are Information and Data Risk profiles?

An information and data risk profile is a detailed inventory of your business’ information and data risks, giving your organisation a standardised vocabulary of risks to manage, report on, and control. Those risks can range from compliance and security risks to missed business opportunities due to poor data quality.

An information and data risk profile can be tailored to your business and can be built from an information and data standard that suits your business and industry.

Benefits of Data Lifecycle Management services

Gain a greater awareness of risks

Identify measurable risks

Assign ownership of risks

Identify and understand missed opportunities and put in strategies


elevenM works with you to tailor the profile to your business needs. You will gain a comprehensive inventory of the information and data risks faced by your organisation.

1.      Set the scope

Our team of consultants will confirm the kinds of information and data in scope, as well as the information and data standards which would suit your business.

2.     Gather information

We will hold workshops with business teams to understand the kinds of information and data they handle, the foremost risks they face and the controls they already have in place, or think they should have.

3.     Design risk profile

Define the risks and controls to make sense across your business.

4.    Incorporate feedback

We can tailor all risks and controls to the types of data and practices in your organisation to ensure that the end product is practical and usable by your business.

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Any organisation that operates in a complex data environment and wants to both maximise their use of data and minimise their regulatory and operational risk. 

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