Awareness and Training

Achieve your cyber security and privacy objectives with awareness and training solutions for your entire organisation.

Your people are your frontline when it comes to cyber security and privacy. One error could result in a devastating data breach. Uplift the knowledge of your people so they can help you protect your organisation. 

Privacy Training

Is a lack of privacy awareness among your people undermining your ability to comply with privacy regulations?

Organisations face increasingly stringent privacy obligations. Our privacy education and training solutions ensure everyone in your organisation understands and complies with privacy requirements.

Advanced Privacy Training

Is your privacy team up to speed on the latest privacy regulations and trends?

As Australian and international privacy regulations rapidly evolve, it’s essential that privacy teams keep abreast of all new compliance requirements. New technologies also present emerging privacy challenges. Advanced Privacy Training helps your privacy team stay up to speed.

Cyber Security Training

Is your team’s lack of cyber security awareness leaving you vulnerable to attack?

Human error is often a factor in a cyber-attack. Mitigating cyber risk requires ongoing staff training, so you can you instill a culture of cyber security awareness within your organisation.

Board and Executive Training

Do your board and senior leaders understand cyber security and privacy and their responsibilities?

Cyber security and privacy are top business risks that boards and executives must understand and effectively govern. Targeted training will help uplift their knowledge and capability to manage this risk.

Why partner with elevenM?

When it comes to managing cyber security and privacy risks, your people play a critical role.

Investing in awareness and training is one of the best investments you can make. It can significantly reduce the risk of a breach while also helping your stakeholders understand their role in helping you achieve cyber security and privacy objectives for your organisation.

With elevenM’s awareness and training solutions, you can ensure your people have the understanding and skills they need to safeguard your organisation’s data and the privacy of individuals whose information you hold.

Our solutions can be tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation. Whether you’re looking for education on fundamental concepts, or something more advanced for your privacy or cyber specialists, we have an engaging education solution for you.