Customer-Centric Privacy Communications

Customer-centric privacy communications help you build trust with customers and meet compliance requirements with a clear and easy to understand privacy message.

Being clear and transparent with customers about how you intend to use their personal information is a cornerstone for building trust. 

Privacy regulations require organisations to inform customers about how they will handle their information and safeguard their privacy.

Increasingly, organisations see privacy communications as an area where it is critical to go beyond legal compliance.

What are customer-centric privacy communications?

Customer-centric privacy communications involve helping you develop a set of plain English communications pieces to explain to customers how you are handling their personal information in line with their expectations and privacy regulations.

This can include simple, clear and concise privacy policies and collection notices, as well as FAQs and other key messages that you can use on channels such as your website and social media.

Our communications team have extensive experience developing customer-facing communications about privacy and data handling, and have in-depth knowledge of privacy laws.

We can also support you with advice and guidance on best-practice communications.

What are the benefits?

Comply with privacy regulations

Build trust with customers

Differentiate yourself on privacy

Adopt best-practice


elevenM will work with you to ensure your privacy communications are in line with customer expectations and best practice.

Our approach begins with assessing your existing privacy communications and identifying areas for improvement.

Our guiding principles include writing for your most vulnerable customers, using language and structuring content to be as accessible as possible, and aiming to educate and empower your customers rather than just convey facts.

We also consider a range of channels and modes of delivery to best suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Increasingly, customers want clear information that answers their questions about how an organisation intends to collect, handle and store their personal information. 

Providing clear information helps build trust with customers and enhances your brand reputation. 

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