Third-Party Risk

Third party cyber security risk services help you understand and manage the security risks associated with your suppliers and other third parties.

Managing supply chain security risks is a growing and important challenge for organisations.

In our interconnected economy, every organisation relies on a variety of partners, third parties and service providers to operate their business.

Many of the data breaches and cyber incidents that affect organisations start with security weaknesses in their supply chains – whether that’s a software product they use or a vendor they have engaged.

What are Third Party Cyber Security Risk services?

Third Party Cyber Security Risk services help you identify, measure and mitigated the risks associated with suppliers, partners and other third parties.

Third Party Cyber Security Risk services can encompass a range of activities. from establishing you third party risk appetite, developing third party risk management frameworks and governance programs, and developing remediation plans to manage those risks.

Common activities to support best-practice third party security risk management include the development of:

  • corporate policies relating to vendor management
  • supplier risk tiering model
  • NIST-based supplier security assessments, and 
  • supplier risk reporting

What are the benefits?

Understand security risks associated with third-parties

Focused remediation of supplier security risks

Minimise risk of a third-party breach involving your data

Gain visibility over your extended supply chain, including fourth-party suppliers


Our approach is to provide clients with holistic support for managing their third-party cyber security risk.

We do this by offering support across the following two domains.

Third-party risk strategic services

Help organisations develop their strategy for managing third party risk. Includes services such as development of third-party risk management frameworks, gap and maturity assessments and governance programs.

Third-party risk assurance services

Help organisations identify, assess, monitor and remediate third party risks. Includes services such as third party or supplier risk assessments, contract reviews and remediation management plans.

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A third party risk management maturity assessment can help you understand the gaps in your existing program from industry best-practice perspective, and identify areas to improve the maturity of their program.

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