Data Governance

Robust data governance helps to ensure your organisation’s information assets are fit-for-purpose and supporting business goals.

Data may be the new oil. But maximising its utility to your organisation requires an effective and efficient data governance framework that defines the policies and procedures around your information assets.

Information and Records Management

Are you confident you can access valuable information when your business needs it?

Nowadays organisations accumulate large troves of documents. A strategic approach to managing your information and records helps you maximise the value of these information assets, while making it easier to manage associated security and privacy risks. 

Data Lifecycle Management

Are you unsure how to manage your data throughout its lifecycle?

Depending on the phase, different activities are required to maximise the value and manage the risks of data. Data Lifecycle Management enables end-to-end management of your data through development of a considered approach to how data is created, used, shared, stored, archived and ultimately deleted.

Data Processing Inventory

Are you sure you know where the data you hold is being stored and processed, so you can comply confidently with regulatory regimes?

A Data Processing Inventory is the foundational component of a privacy or data governance program, and a growing regulatory requirement. It is a detailed record of all the personal information your organisation holds and processes, and the purposes for which it is processed.

Data Ethics and Bias Assessments

Do you want to take adnantage of emerging technologies such as AI, but need to ensure that you manage risks related to ethics and unintentional bias?

A Data Ethics and Bias Assessments helps you identifyunderstand and reduce the ethical risks and impacts arising from the use of different data types and algorithmic models (such as AI and ML). 

Why partner with elevenM?

With Australian organisations collecting, handling and storing more data than ever before, managing data is now a significant challenge.

elevenM’s Data Governance solutions can help your organisation maximise the value you get from your information assets while effectively managing all data risks.

Our team of experts will work with you to determine the business outcomes you seek to achieve, understand the regulatory framework that is applicable to you, and develop comprehensive systems that enable you to achieve your data goals.

Our team comprises some of Australia’s leading data governance experts, with extensive experience across many industries in both the public and private sectors.

That’s what sets us apart.