AI Governance Framework

An AI Governance Framework supports organisations to adopt AI responsibly and manage the associated risks of AI.

Organisations face increasing pressure to adopt AI and other new technologies to realise a wide range of benefits, including improved productivity, efficiency and customer service,

Without a structured approach to managing AI risk, organisations are exposed to commercial, regulatory and reputational risks.

What is an AI Governance Framework?

At its simplest, AI governance is the system by which an organisation controls its use of AI systems. An effective AI Governance Framework enables the consistent, coordinated and appropriate management of AI risks across an organisation.

The specific content of an AI Governance Framework will depend on your organisation’s risk profile and target maturity, but at a high level, your AI Governance Framework will:

  • Communicate context and direction (principles, values, strategy and risk appetite)
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Provide visibility of AI systems and risks
  • Establish governance forums and processes
  • Establish AI risk assessment templates and processes

In developing an AI Governance Framework for your organisation, elevenM will not re-invent the wheel. Like privacy and cyber security, durable and effective AI governance will leverage existing frameworks and systems (such as IT system inventories, risk management and decision-making processes).

What are the benefits?

Equip your business to move quickly and with confidence when adopting AI solutions

Meet increasingly high public expectations around responsible AI use

Align AI risk and investment to the strategic needs and priorities of the business

Effectively manage commercial, reputational and regulatory risks that are amplified by AI systems


elevenM will work with you to establish a target maturity for your AI Governance Framework and develop tailored and prioritised recommendations to bring you to your target maturity.

Our approach involves assessing existing structures and practices against a set of defined best practices and industry benchmarks, including from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Set the scope

Our team of consultants tailor each engagement to meet the unique circumstances of every client. We will work with you to establish a target maturity for you AI Governance program, based on your organisational risk profile.

Gather information

Starting with a kick-off meeting, we begin consulting with stakeholders to collect all of the information that we need for the assessment. Our framework development process will first assess the adequacy and effectiveness of existing practices against defined and program criteria for the target maturity.


We carry out a detailed assessment, identifying compliance issues, AI risks and opportunities for improvement.

Report and plan actions

We will work with you to develop tailored and prioritised recommendations to help bring you to your target maturity.

Frequently asked questions

AI ethics principles are a useful starting point and valuable statement of what your organisations considers ethical and appropriate when using AI. However organisations often struggle to operationalise these principles, and that’s where an AI Governance Framework comes in.

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