Data Processing Inventory

A data processing inventory helps you understand and record how personal data is being processed within your organisation.

A Data Processing Inventory is a detailed view of how the data you hold is stored and processed, helping you achieve compliance with relevant regulatory regimes.

Organisations today hold large volumes of data in many forms and for many different purposes. This is both a source of opportunity and risk.

For this reason, many data privacy regimes require organisations to keep detailed records of what personal data they hold and how it is being processed.

What are Data Processing Inventory services?

A Data Processing Inventory is a detailed record of all the personal information your organisation holds and processes, and the purposes for which it is processed.

A clear understanding of your personal data holdings – through a record such as a Data Processing Inventory – is a foundational component of any privacy or data governance program. It helps you ensure your data processing practices always align with privacy requirements.

Under data protection regulations, organisations are increasingly required to maintain detailed records of how data is being processed. These records may need to be made available to regulators.

Benefits of Data Processing Inventory services

Gain visibility over personal data holdings

Ensure you meet privacy requirements

Be able to meet regulator requests

Gain confidence data is being processed appropriately


elevenM will work with you to ensure your Data Processing Inventory requirements are appropriate for your organisation’s specific circumstances.

Below is a typical process we would follow to develop a Data Processing Inventory.

Identify personal data

Identify the types of personal data you hold and process.

Identify purposes

Identify the purposes for processing each type of personal data.

Identify data subjects

Identify the data subjects whose data you process.

Identify third parties and recipients

Identify parties to whom you share or disclose data.


Document the above details in a database or spreadsheet.

Frequently asked questions

Data Processing Inventory can take many forms, eg. a spreadsheet or a database. Given the sensitivity of information and importance of this document, it should be stored in a secure manner regularly backed up.

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