Enhance trust and comply with your obligations with elevenM’s privacy consulting services.

Effectively managing privacy risks is vital for success in the digital age. elevenM’s privacy consulting services help you meet your business goals while building customer trust. 

Privacy Impact Assessment

How do you embed good privacy outcomes into new initiatives and activities? 

An independent assessment of proposed or existing projects, practices and technologies provides visibility into potential privacy impacts for customers and others.

Privacy Capability Assessment

Is your privacy program fit for purpose?

Conduct an end-to-end assessment of your privacy program, including training and awareness, policies and processes, planning and resourcing, strategy, and assurance, to identify improvements and build a roadmap for privacy capability uplift. 

Privacy Advisory

Would you benefit from the guidance of an experienced privacy advisor?

Our consultants deliver expert advice and operational support for your organisation’s unique privacy challenges. We can also support your teams through short and long-term secondments.

Privacy Strategy

Do you have a vision for your privacy program that is well understood by your business, and which drives executive buy-in and funding?

Privacy is now a top concern for business leaders. A comprehensive privacy strategy that is aligned to your organisation’s broader priorities will engender confidence and set the direction for program success.

Privacy Policies

Struggling to communicate your privacy commitments and practices to customers?

A clearly communicated privacy policy lets customers and others know what to expect from your organisation when it comes to the protection of their personal information.

Privacy Complaints Handling and Investigations

Are you able to effectively handle and investigate privacy complaints?

Individuals expect organisations to safeguard their personal information. The way privacy is safeguarded may be subjected to complaints, which must be handled appropriately and thoroughly investigated.

Privacy Training

Is lack of awareness across your organisation creating privacy risks and undermining your ability to comply with regulations?

Our full suite of privacy education and training services ensure everyone in your organisation – from general staff to specialist teams – understands and complies with privacy requirements.

Privacy Breach Response

Are you worried about mishandling a data breach and facing adverse regulatory, reputational and financial consequences? 

We help organisations prepare for privacy incidents by developing response plans, regulatory notification processes and communications guidance to mitigate risks and consequences.

Data Ethics and Bias Assessments

Do you want to take adnantage of emerging technologies such as AI, but need to ensure that you manage risks related to ethics and unintentional bias?

A Data Ethics and Bias Assessments helps you identifyunderstand and reduce the ethical risks and impacts arising from the use of different data types and algorithmic models (such as AI and ML). 

Why partner with elevenM?

Privacy is emerging as a top priority for Australian organisations.

Customer expectations around privacy are higher than ever before. Meanwhile, governments and regulators are setting increasingly stringent privacy requirements.

Navigating the complexities of privacy protection requires expert guidance.

elevenM brings together a leading team of privacy experts with deep domain expertise across all aspects of Australian and international privacy standards. We approach every engagement from the perspective that you have unique privacy objectives, requiring tailor-made privacy solutions.

That’s what sets us apart.