Managed Services

Cyber security managed services provide fully managed and complete solutions across a range of security needs.

Protecting your organisation from cyber threats requires having dedicated security experts who can operate a wide range of security services.

Many organisations find it challenging to assemble cyber security teams comprising all the skills and expertise they require, particularly given the global shortage of cyber security professionals.

Managed security services all organisations to access security expertise to enhance their capabilities.

What is a Cyber Security Managed Service?

A Cyber Security Managed Service provides you with the skilled security professionals you need, at the time you need them. It allows you to augment or complement your internal capabilities with external experts.

This expertise is delivered to you as an end-to-end service, with a focus on delivering the security and business outcomes you need.

Cyber Security Managed Services are available for range of security needs, including vulnerability management, incident response, threat simulations and more.

What are the benefits?

Access the cyber security expertise you need, when you need it

Peace of mind with guaranteed outcomes

Augment your internal capabilities

Flexibly scale your capability up and down as needed


Our team of cyber security consultants can tailor an engagement to meet your specific circumstances.

We work with you to understand your security needs in detail and to determine the cyber security outcomes you wish to achieve. 

We then identify the specific capabilities needed to deliver these outcomes, and tailor a managed service that provides these capabilities and delivers these outcomes in the most effective and efficient way. 

We work closely with you to understand your existing security capabilities and broader organisational processes and structures, to ensure the managed service is well integrated into your broader team.

We establish clear outcomes and regular reporting cycles to ensure the service is continually meeting your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

We can work with you to tailor managed services to meet a range of needs. Common examples of managed services include vulnerability management, incident response and threat simulations.

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We work with every organisation individually to tailor our work to your needs.