Data Lifecycle Management

Data lifecycle management helps ensure you are effectively managing your organisation’s data throughout its lifecycle.

Getting the most from your data requires an end-to-end approach to its management throughout its lifecycle.

Data in organisations evolves through several phases, including creation, use, sharing, storage, archiving and deletion.

Depending on the phase it is in, different activities are required to maximise the value and manage the risks of data.

What are Data Lifecycle Management services?

Data Lifecycle Management services provide a considered approach to how data is created, used, shared, stored, archived and ultimately deleted.

Data Lifecycle Management services involve developing policies and procedures to maximise the value of data and minimise risks at each stage of its lifecycle.

Data Lifecycle Management services can include the development of strategies and plans, audits and assessments, and training services.

A well-developed Data Lifecycle Management plan is also essential as part of your Business Continuity Planning, helping ensure critical data is always backed-up and retrievable whenever required, such as in the aftermath of a cyber incident.

Benefits of Data Lifecycle Management services

Gain maximum value from your data

Meeting compliance requirements

Protect against data security risks

Save money through reduced costs of storage and management


elevenM will work with you to tailor a Data Lifecycle Management approach that is appropriate for your organisation’s specific circumstances and needs.

Frequently asked questions

Any organisation that manages important or sensitive information, or information with associated legal or regulatory obligations, should consider Data Lifecycle Management services.

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