Board and Executive Training

Cyber and privacy risk is now a pressing concern for boards and executives. With a deeper understanding of these domains, boards and executives can more effectively steer their organisations to manage these risks and meet their own fiduciary responsibilities.

A cyber attack or privacy breach can have devastating impacts for an organisation, from financial losses through to long-term reputational damage and regulatory consequences. Boards and directors play a critical role in safeguarding their organisations from these impacts.

Regulators in recent years (eg. the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) have increasingly outlined the obligations on board directors and executives to support their organisations to govern cyber risk.

These responsibilities include the ability to review how the organisation identifies, monitors and mitigated cyber and privacy risks. An understanding of cyber threats and risks and how they are managed is critical to supporting senior leaders to carry out these responsibilities.

What is Board and Executive Training?

Board and executive training supports board directors and senior executives to meet their obligations in relation to cyber security and privacy risks.

elevenM’s training improves senior leaders’ understanding of foundational cyber security and privacy concepts and evolving legal and regulatory considerations.

Our training will also help you understand your specific duties and responsibilities and the actions you can take to meet these responsibilities.

Training sessions can be delivered in person or remotely.

What are the benefits?

Comply with your obligations and meet fiduciary duties

Build greater trust and confidence in your cyber and privacy programs with board directors and senior leaders

Increase engagement across the business through greater board support

Increases likelihood of board approval for funding for cyber and privacy programs


elevenM will work with you to ensure your cyber security and privacy training needs are met in a way that best suits your organisations.

We tailor our educational content to suit the needs of boards and executives, so they achieve a high-level understanding of the risk landscape their organisation is likely to confront.

All our training draws on our subject matter expertise and rich experience working with many of Australia’s leading organisations.

We combine this deep knowledge with world-class communications and training capabilities to ensures that cyber security and privacy concepts are relayed in highly engaging ways.

We keep all our educational content up-to-date and in step with changes in the domestic and international regulatory environments.

Frequently asked questions

Cyber security and privacy require a whole-of-organisation approach. The leadership of any organisation needs visibility over the risks the organisation is likely to face, in order to ensure appropriate mitigation strategies are in place.

With the ramifications of a data breach higher than ever, boards and executives cannot afford to ignore cyber security and privacy. 

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