Privacy Policies

Your privacy policies set out in simple terms how you will handle personal information and builds the foundation for a transparent and trusted relationship with your customers.

A privacy policy is one of the most important documents in your organisation. It outlines your policies and practices for handling personal information.

At a time when public expectations of privacy are higher than ever, it is essential that your privacy policy is easy to understand and demonstrates a commitment to best practices. It’s a document that builds trust with customers and other stakeholders.

You also must have a privacy policy if you are covered by the Australian Privacy Act.

In some situations it makes sense to have more than one policy covering different aspects of your business, or to create summary versions of your full policy that are easier to consume.

What are Privacy Policy services?

elevenM can help you develop a privacy policy that is tailored to your organisation and business. We can also review your existing policy to ensure it meets best practice and build trust.

With an easy to understand privacy policy, your organisation can earn the trust of customers and other stakeholders, who will have confidence that their personal information is always collected, handled and stored in accordance with best-practices and relevant regulations.  

What are the benefits?

Build trust with customers over how you handle their personal information

Meet your regulatory obligations

Have your privacy policy tailored to your business

Provide a high-level overview to stakeholders of your organisation's commitment to privacy


Set the scope

Understand the purpose of your organisation's privacy policy and what you seek to achieve from it.

Gather information

Analyse your organisational practices when it comes to privacy protection and the regulatory requirements you face.


Draft privacy policies that both meet your organisation's business needs and can be easily understood by broader audiences.

Final approval

Ensure buy-in from senior executives before deployment.

Frequently asked questions

Organisations covered by the Australian Privacy Act must have a privacy policy that is easily accessible to customers and other stakeholders whose personal information you collect, handle or store.

Following numerous high-profile privacy breaches, customers now understand the devastating impact a privacy breach can have on them. Customers may be subjected to identity theft, and targeted with scams. 

Customers expect organisations to protect their personal information.

A comprehensive privacy policy lets you demonstrate that your organisation prioritises privacy protection.

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