Complaints Handling and Investigations

Privacy complaints need to be taken seriously and investigations should be conducted by experts in a professional and expeditious manner.

In line with growing expectations for privacy, organisations are expected to be responsive to the privacy concerns and complaints raised by customers or other stakeholders.

Privacy complaints need to be handled with care and seriousness. They should be assessed by a privacy subject matter expert to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Mishandling complaints or failing to investigate them thoroughly could lead to impaired customer trust, adverse regulatory consequences and reputational damage. Conversely a professional and expeditious response can enhance trust.

What are Privacy Complaints Handling and Investigations services?

elevenM has extensive experience investigating privacy complaints across a range of industries, and with reference to Australian and international regulatory requirements.

When complaints arrive, elevenM’s privacy subject matter experts can ensure matters are rapidly investigated, and any issues that arise are addressed without delay. Privacy issues and potential breaches of privacy raised by other stakeholders should also be investigated promptly to ensure any issues are contained and remediated.

This helps ensure privacy complaints don’t result in long running disputes that could harm your organisation’s reputation. 

What are the benefits?

Ensure privacy complaints are handled professionally and expeditiously

Demonstrate your commitment to being responsive to customers

Meet regulatory requirements and contain potential issues

Help ensure privacy complaints do not become long-running disputes that harm your reputation


elevenM will work with you to ensure privacy complaints are handled in accordance in a sensitive and responsive manner.

We have placed our expert privacy consultants in a range of organisations and industry contexts to support privacy teams to manage and resolve complaints in an expert and timely way.

We also specialise in developing processes and artefacts to help you streamline and improve your complaints and investigations processes.

Frequently asked questions

Your organisation should take any privacy complaints seriously, thoroughly investigate them, and address any issues that may be identified. 

Ignoring or dismissing privacy complaints could lead to long-running disputes that ultimately harm your organisation’s reputation.

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