This week in digital trust » Episode 110

#110 The right to be forgotten

18 June 2024

This week we discuss the “right to be forgotten” or “right to erasure” – a provision in data protection regulations overseas that is being considered as part of the reforms to the Australian Privacy Act.

Overseas, the right has enabled individuals to have newspaper articles about them de-indexed from search engines.

We discuss the merits of the right, competing values like freedom of expression, and the prospect of it being implemented in Australia.
Art. 17 GDPR: Right to erasure ⁠⁠
Explainer: Right to be forgotten ⁠⁠
Article about pros and cons of right to be forgotten (LSJ Online) ⁠⁠
Article about Google no longer notifying publishers (Guardian) ⁠⁠
Stats and examples of Google delisting content ⁠⁠

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