Customer Education Program (Cyber security and Privacy)

Our client for this engagement is a leading medical defence organisation.


Organisations increasingly handle more data and rely on digital technologies, making them and their customers more susceptible to cyber security and privacy risks.

Regardless of their size or industry sector, leading organisations increasingly recognise their responsibility to educate their customers and other key stakeholders about cyber security and privacy risks and how to mitigate them. This is seen as vital to strengthening relationships and building trust.

However, for many organisations, the capabilities to deliver this kind of specialised education are not available in-house.

Our role

elevenM was tasked with developing a layered education offering to uplift the cyber security and privacy awareness of the client’s internal member advisory teams, as well as creating resources to directly educate their members and customers.

This involved delivering train-the-trainer workshops and developing customised eLearning resources to be hosted on the client’s public-facing website.

What we did

elevenM developed a program which:

  • Delivered a series of train-the-trainer workshops on cyber security and privacy
  • Designed and developed eLearning on cyber security and privacy that was highly customised and highly consumable in line with the client’s needs and its members foundational knowledge