Cyber and Privacy Incident Communications Playbook

Our client is a market-leading Australian brand.


Reputational damage is one of the primary impacts of a privacy or security incident, and often translates into adverse share price impacts and can even result in executive job losses.

In a deteriorating threat landscape, organisations must be prepared for the likelihood of a data breach or cyber security incident. The complex nature of cyber security and the community’s growing sensitivity to privacy issues necessitates a specialised approach to publicly handling breach incidents.

Our role

Drawing on our extensive experience conducting crisis communications in privacy and cyber contexts, we developed a privacy and cyber security incident communications playbook and guide and ran workshops to prepare the organisation and its senior executives for this critical aspect of breach management. This led to the development of communications plan comprising a strategy, key messages and holding statements for likely incident scenarios. We also coached internal communications teams and executives to uplift their capability to respond to cyber and privacy and security incidents.

What we did

elevenM carried out the following activities:

  • Developed a cyber and privacy media response preparedness guide or playbook
  • Identified likely incident scenarios and communications considerations for each
  • Ran workshops and simulations for front-line communications teams
  • Developed a communications toolkit, including key messages and holding statements
  • Coached communications staff on breach response