Privacy Capability Assessment

Our client for this engagement was a leading ecommerce platform that recognised the need to uplift its privacy maturity, but required guidance on how to do so.


A leading Australian ecommerce platform engaged elevenM to conduct a holistic Privacy Capability Assessment. The client handles significant volumes of personal information, particularly customer data. Until our involvement, the client had dedicated limited resources to privacy. The client was motivated to uplift its privacy maturity, given the understanding that a privacy breach could damage its reputation, incur regulatory penalties and result in financial losses.

Our role

elevenM undertook a holistic assessment of the client’s privacy program. We developed a thorough understanding of the client’s privacy framework and the processes in place around the handling, usage and storage of personal information.

Our investigation enabled us to determine the client’s existing privacy maturity level. We worked with the client to identify an appropriate privacy maturity target based on its risk profile, and then recommended a program of works to uplift their privacy program to achieve that target.

Crucially, we also developed a business case which was presented to the executive leadership of the organisation and which justified the recommended program of works and quantified the privacy resources required. The client succeeded in obtaining the required resourcing to support its privacy uplift goals.

What we did

elevenM developed a program which:

  • Identified the client’s existing privacy maturity level
  • Identified an appropriate privacy maturity target based on the client’s risk profile
  • Developed a recommended program of works to achieve the desired privacy maturity target
  • Put together a business case to obtain the required resourcing