Cyber Strategy Development

Our client for this engagement was a high-profile Australian state government agency.


The agency we were working with operates several critical systems and collects large amounts of personal and sensitive information in order to deliver services to citizens. The client had recently appointed a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to uplift its cyber maturity. As an immediate priority, the CISO sought to develop a forward-looking cyber security strategy that articulated their vision for managing the agency’s cyber security risks – and which would be critical in securing board and executive buy-in, and therefore funding, for future cyber security programs.

Our role

We worked with the CISO to identify their key priorities. In doing so, we also advised them of emerging best practices in cyber risk management and cyber strategy, as well as sharing our insights into future directions of the state’s broader cyber security roadmap (which this department would need to align to). Our senior cyber security and strategic communications experts worked together to build a compelling vision and cyber security strategy suitable for distribution to the CISO’s senior stakeholders. The strategy has enabled an enhanced profile for the CISO and their team among the agency’s board and senior leadership, and helped the CISO secure support for future initiatives.

What we did

elevenM carried out the following activities:

  • Worked with CISO to identify strategic priorities for cyber security for upcoming years
  • Identified alignment between cyber security and the broader company purpose and values
  • Assessed the client’s threats from a global, local and industry perspective, to set direction for strategy
  • Articulated a set of core principles to anchor the strategy, and identified outcomes for each
  • Developed a 3-year roadmap of key activities to deliver on identified outcomes
  • Developed a compelling strategy document suitable for engaging a range of business stakeholders
  • Designed and laid out the strategy document in line with the client’s brand
  • Supported the client in socialising and presenting the strategy to senior executives