Executive PR and Profile Building

Our client is a market-leading Australian brand.


A strong public profile helps executives in cyber security and privacy (such as Chief Information Security Officers) build trust with customers and the public, and can create confidence with their own organisation’s board and senior executive.

An organisation’s commitment to privacy and security is often judged by the prominence of its executives that have responsibility for these topics. Security executives that have strong visibility, via a prominent internal and external profile, are also better placed to attract support and sponsorship from internal stakeholders such as boards and senior executives, and can more easily collaborate with industry and government partners. In a constrained labour market, a charismatic security leader also plays a vital role in attracting high quality talent.

Many technology executives don’t have the skills or time to build such a profile organically. Internal communications teams are also unable to provide the necessary focus, or are not sufficiently versed in the subject matter, to support this objective.

Our role

We developed and executed a plan to build the profile of senior executives in the organisation with responsibility for technology, security and privacy.

This involved working with these leaders to understand and develop their vision and craft a personal communications plan that supported these strategic objectives and created a persona for them in the market as a thought leader.

What we did

elevenM carried out the following activities:

  • Communications planning, including developing themes and key messages aligned to the executive’s strategic vision and priorities
  • Speechwriting and presentation development for targeted conferences and events
  • Targeted media placement
  • Media training