Real-time Incident Communications

Our client is a market-leading Australian brand.


Reputational damage is one of the primary impacts of a privacy or security incident, often resulting in adverse share price impacts, damaged customer trust and executive job losses.

Increasingly, those in the public and media focus less on the fact that an organisation has experienced a breach or incident than they do on the way in which the organisation responds. Numerous organisations have suffered significant brand damage in the wake of an incident as a result of a communications response that failed to appreciate the media dynamics involved in the domains of privacy and cyber security.

Our role

Drawing on our extensive experience conducting crisis communications in privacy and cyber contexts, we provided advice on responding to a rapidly unfolding cyber security incident. We worked closely with the communications and response teams to develop and execute the communication strategy for media, customers and the regulator. As part of our engagement we also provided constructive direction to other aspects of the organisation’s incident response team (such as data forensics activities), to shape a more informed and trust-building response.

What we did

elevenM carried out the following activities:

  • Real-time and ongoing specialist communications advice for the duration of the incident
  • Developed incident communications strategy for media, customers and other stakeholders, including holding statements and targeted messages.
  • Briefed senior executives on the media approach and reputational risks and considerations